Club Awards  


Rotary International Citation

This is a program of Rotary International with qualifications as outlined by the current Rotary International President.


2020-2021 Dave Dietz, President
2019-2020 Chan Tyrrell, President Rotary Citation with Distinction - Platinum Level
2018-2019 Suzanne Tyrrell, President Rotary Citation with Distinction - Platinum Level
2017-2018 Kay Wunderlich, President
2016-2017 Clay Ehlers, President
2015-2016 Clay Ehlers, President - Gold Level
2014-2015 Jenny Cardwell, President 
2013-2014 Bob, Vrana, President; Presidential Citation with Distinction
2012-2013 Patrick Grewe, President
2011-2012 Elise White, President; Changemeker Award-extension of the Presidential Citation
2010-2011 Tom Cardwell, President
2009-2010 Tracey McLain, President 
2008-2009 Sandy Taylor, President
2007-2008 Carl Zeutzius, President  
2006-2007 Craig Madson, President  
2005-2006 Brad Carter, President  
2004-2005 Nikki Isemann, President  
2003-2004 Bernie Poppe, President  
2002-2003 Lance Odom, President  
2001-2002 Mathew Schepers, President  
2000-2001 John Herdman, President  
1999-2000 Scott Delisi, President  
1998-1999 Nicolette Klein, President  
1997-1998 Brent Kasl, President  
1996-1997 Joe Roberts, President  
1994-1995 Dave Holmquist, President
Rotary International Significant Service Award
This is a program of Rotary International that recognize a club whose project has addressed a significant need in your community. 
2018-19 Tribute to First Responders - Suzanne Tyrrell, President

Individual Awards


Service Above Self Award  

The Service Above Self Award is Rotary's highest honor for individual Rotarians, recognizing those who have displayed exemplary humanitarian service with a focus on active involvement in helping others through Rotary.  Each year, current and immediate past district governors and current and past RI directors may submit nominations for this award. After all nominations are reviewed, the RI Board selects a maximum of 150 Rotarians to receive the award.   


2009 Nicolette "Nicki" Klein  

2019 Joseph Roberts



Regional Service Award for a Polio-Free World  

This award is presented to more than 10 individuals per World Health Organzatio region (currently 6 regions).

2009 Nicolette "Nicki" Klein

The Rotarian Spouse Partner Service Award
The Rotarian Spouse/Partner Service Award of Rotary International recognizes spouses and partners of Rotarians who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service through Rotary. No more than 100 are awarded worldwide annually.
2017 Sheryl Roberts
The Rotary International Excellence in Service to Humanity Award
This award recognizes non-Rotarians, including partners and spouses of Rotarians, who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service in accord with Rotary’s ideals. This award replaces the Rotarian/Spouse Award
2019 Nancy Herdman

The Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service
This award is presented to individuals active in promoting and support The Rotary Foundation for an extended period of time.   

2014 Nicolette "Nicki" Klein 
2010 Joe Roberts      


Rotary International Avenues of Service Citation  

This award recognizes a Rotarian for their support of the 5 Avenues of Service. It is an International Level Award, one which is submitted by the Club President.  


2013 Tom Cardwell
2007 Brad Carter

2006 John Herdman  

2001 Scott Delisi  

2000 Nicolette Klein  

1999 Joe Roberts  

ClubBuilder Award
This award is presented to individuals active in recruiting members and participating in club and District activities.  
2015 Nicolette "Nicki" Klein 
2015 Joe Roberts