Individual Awards  



Lincoln South Rotary Club Sower Award  

This award is designed to provide recognition to a Lincoln South Rotarian who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the ideals of Rotary - the 4-Way Test, and the Avenues of Service. Often the award is for service to the club that continues beyond the time they serve as a Committee Chair, Board Member or Club Officer.


2017 Clay Ehlers  

2007 Joyce Schmeeckle  

2006 Judy Krasomil  

2005 Brad Carter  

2004 John Herdman  

2003 Scott Delisi  

2001 Nicolette S. Klein  

2000 Brent Kasl  

1998 Joe Roberts  

1997 Jim Pattavina  

1996 Dean Heermann  

1995 Ardel Harger  

1994 George Lytton  


Lincoln South Rotary Club Rotarian of the Year  

This award is designed to provide recognition to a Lincoln South Rotarian who has contributed  significantly to the success of the club during the current Administration.  


2020-2021 Chan Tyrrell

2019-2020 Meals on Wheels Volunteers - regulars and substitutes - Dave Dietz, Clay Ehlers, Mary Gilbride, Dave Hilsabeck, Tom Hyde, Sue Merrill, Jim O’Hanlon, Joe Roberts, Bob Vrana, Michaela Williams, Kay Wunderlich

2018-2019:Bob Vrana, Brad Carter, Chan Tyrrell, Don Rabbe, Nicki Klein

2017-2018 Chan and Suzanne Tyrrell

2015-2016 Nicolette Klein  
2014-2015 Clay Ehlers
Nicolette Klein  

2012-2013 Jenny Cardwell
2011-2012 Chris Dietz
2010-2011 Jason Smith
2009-2010 Bryan Block

2008-2009 Bernie Poppe  

2007-2008 Nicolette Klein  

2006-2007 Sandy Taylor  

2005-2006 Tom Cardwell  

2004-2005 Carl Zeutzius  

2003-2004 Brad Carter  

2002-2003 Joe Roberts  

2001-2002 Bernie Poppe  

2000-2001 Mathew Schepers  

1999-2000 John Herdman  

1998-1999 Gene Swinton  

1997-1998 Nicolette Klein  

1995-1996 Joe Roberts  


President Special Awards

From time to time a Club President may choose to provide a special award to a member due to their service to the club.


2009-2010 Outstanding Foundation Chair presented by Tracey McLain to Joe Roberts

2009-2010 Distinguished Service Award presented by Tracey McLain to Nicolette Klein

2000-2001 New Rotarian of the Year presented by John Herdman to Nikki Isemann

2000-2001 Committee Chair of the Year presented by John Herdman to Scott Kasl