Capital Humane Society
Mar 29, 2019
Bob Downey
Capital Humane Society

Bob Downey has been serving as Capital Humane Society's Executive Director since January of 1984.

Bob and his wife Sheri have been married for 37 years.

Bob is a native of Lincoln. He attended Lincoln East High School and then graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in 1973. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Teacher's College.

In addition to his work for Capital Humane Society, Bob currently serves as chair of the Lincoln Advisory Board of the BBB. He also serves on the BBB Corporate Board for Nebraska, South Dakota, the Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa.

He previously served as a board member and treasurer for Community Services Fund, board member, vice chair and treasurer for the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators, board member, chair and treasurer for the National Federation of Humane Societies and as a member of the National Companion Advisory Group to the Humane Society of the United States.

He is founder of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week.

Bob is responsible for having gotten numerous legislative bills introduced and passed in the Nebraska Legislature. He has also supported the efforts of others in doing so.

Bob was named as the 2007 "Nonprofit Executive of the Year" by the Association of Nonprofit Executives.

Outside of work Bob enjoys cycling, weightlifting and spending time with Sheri and his boxer Sam E.