Posted on Feb 14, 2020
On February 21, 2020 we will hear about Dr. Dan Hohensee, Director of The Career Academy.
Dan started his director role at The Career Academy in July of 2014.  Prior to that, Dan completed thirty-one years in the classroom as a math and entrepreneurship teacher at Lincoln Southeast High School and the LPS Entrepreneurship Focus Program (EFP).  The Career Academy is completing its 4th year and is making a difference by offering real world, hands-on experiences to students while they earn both high school and college credit as well as certifications.  TCA is proud to announce that they will have their 500th and 600th senior graduate this year.  And they will have a record enrollment of approximately 700 students this coming year.
Business and industry relationships continue to grow and are a critical element for brainstorming unique activities and projects that enable students to connect classroom learning to the real world in every career path.  Dan’s ongoing goal for The Career Academy is to work directly with businesses and his staff to find even more jobs, internships, and connections between academics and the real world.  This will not only  help all students develop the technical and soft skills needed for employability but it will empower them to become successful and productive citizens.