At Lincoln South Rotary Club on February 26, 2021, we heard from Kim Zweiner and Kyle Fischer of the Realtors Association of Lincoln.
Kim mentioned that the Realtors Association of Lincoln is a community driven organization. It empowers the members to be involved in the community. And with 1.3 million realtors in the United States, there is probably a realtor in every community. They have boots on the ground and are in a position to help the communities.
She said that the organization is very involved in politics. There are so many laws and rules that affect property rights that it makes sense for them to be advocates for the public. The organization is involved in Lincoln, the State and even nationally.
Recently they interviewed all of the Lincoln City Council candidates. The organization wanted to learn their stand on growth and what it would take to be able to grow and put more houses on the market. Currently the city red tape is making smaller homes hard to build so the organization wants to see changes.
The organization has also been meeting with the Lincoln Airport Authority. They want to know more about the plan for the Lincoln Airport to access more of our tax dollars to expand.
At the Nebraska State level, the organization is specifically following the proposed changes to the protected classes - they want to be sure that everyone is treated equally. At the national level, they were involved in getting the tax laws changed. They were also affected by the development of the PPP loans since most realtors are independent contractors.
Kim told stories of the types of transactions they work on - stories of people paying more than asking price because they wanted to make sure they got the house. There are many more people moving now because of working from home - and that home can be anywhere. She commented about the number of miles realtors put on their cars such as client that she was working with that did not find their ideal property in Lincoln - but found it in Tecumseh.
Kyle shared statistics about the real estate world. He referred to (Great Plains Regional Multiple Listing Service) for those that want more information.
Daily listings are down 6% over last year, which were down 6% from the previous year meaning we are currently in a double-digit slump. Sales are still up because the sales are cycling faster.
The trend is that homes are selling faster than ever at higher prices. Today any home regardless of size or price could sell in 16 days. That time frame is down 30% from the previous year. The median price for a home today is $200,000.
There were 123 homes on the market on 2-26 in the morning. They were not all single family houses - there were condos, townhouses and mobile homes. Only 50 of those homes were under $200,000 and 13 were over $300,000.
The message from the presenters - we need more new homes. Lincoln, by design, has contained its growth. Most efforts are to return tax dollars to existing areas in the community. We need the community to embrace expansion with new types of homes and more development. Currently the average cost of a new home is $341,000 so we need opportunities for new homes at lower prices. Lincoln 
Realtors Association of Lincoln:
The mission of the Association is to provide programs and services that enhance your career. As a REALTOR® you work hard and it is important to know the benefits available to you. Through the REALTOR® organization you gain the strength of numbers for industry issues and purchasing power; a higher level of professionalism through standards of practice; and the right to use the term REALTOR®.
Kim Zweiner BIO:
Kim Zwiener is the Broker/Owner for SellState Empire Realty in Lincoln, Nebraska.  SellState Empire is the largest woman-owned brokerage in Lincoln.
Throughout Kim's career in real estate in Lincoln, NE, she has been a leader, an educator, and manager who never shied away from challenges. Whether as an educator at a private elementary school, a new REALTOR® in 2006 blazing the trails of REO sales during the Great Recession, or starting her own company both in Nebraska and Missouri. She has always strived to inspire others through her dynamic connections and is a builder at heart.
The REALTOR® Code of Ethics is her guide to providing great service to clients and colleagues! She conducts herself professionally and treats everyone with competence, fairness and integrity.
Her favorite pastimes include reading-both fiction and non-fiction, jogging, riding motorcycles and experiencing unique events with my family and friends.
Kyle Fischer BIO: 
Kyle Fischer is the Executive Vice President for the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln.  He leads a staff of four individuals who’s daily tasks ensure a smooth operation of the Great Plains Regional MLS, the Midlands Regional Commercial Information Exchange and the REALTORS® Educational Trust Fund.  He also oversees the advocacy and lobbying efforts on behalf of Lincoln’s Real Estate industry.
Prior to taking his role with the REALTORS®, he spent 10-years with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce directing their local public policy oversight and teamed with the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development to grow Lincoln.
A UNL Graduate in Broadcast Journalism, he spent his early professional career at KOLN/KGIN television where he served as an on-air reporter and producer for the 5:00p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. newscasts.