We are asking for your input on who we want to represent our Club/District/Zone. Background: every year, a committee is organized to nominate the RI President. The nominating committee is comprised of Past RI Directors.

When there are multiple qualified individuals wishing to serve on the nominating committee for a Zone, the Clubs must vote to establish the committee member.

The individuals being considered for Zone 29 are:
LAWRENCE A. DIMMITT, Rotary Club of Topeka, Kansas
MARY BETH GROWNEY SELENE - Rotary Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton, Wisconsin
ROBERT C. KNUEPFER - Rotary Club of Chicago, IL

Click here to review their Bios.

President Dave has been asked to submit the vote on behalf of our Club. 

If you would like to provide input, contact him (click to email) by the close of our Rotary Club Meeting June 18, 2021.