Lincoln South Rotary Club sponsored the Lincoln Giving Spirits Evening Rotary Club. We did a presentation on Friday June 7 from our Club to their Club Leaders that included a Bell, Banner and 4-Way Test Poster. Then we formally gifted the items to their club on June 11.
In the summer of 2018, the Board of Directors of Lincoln South Rotary voted to sponsor the new evening Rotary Club that was being established in Lincoln. Holding its first official meeting on July 10, 2018, the Lincoln Giving Spirits Evening Rotary Club was off and running, and its official charter date was August 21, 2018.
Blake Collingsworth is the first President of the Club, and Kathy Collingsworth is the President-elect.  The group meets every other Tuesday beginning between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m.  It started out meeting at Wilderness Ridge Lodge but has now settled on its new meeting location in an office space available to them at 8445 Executive Woods Drive, Suite B (which is near 14th and Yankee Hill).
Lincoln South Rotary Club, as the sponsor for this new club, presented these items to the Lincoln Giving Spirits Evening Rotary Club:
  • Rotary Bell
  • Rotary Club Banner
  • 4-Way Test Poster as a gift from Mary Anderson widow of Don Anderson, former member of Lincoln South Rotary Club
These items are visible symbols and recognition that they are officially a Rotary club.  These are emblems and traditions that people all over the world recognize.  This also represents an investment that not only our club has made, but clubs all over the world make to enable the expansion of Rotary throughout the world by supporting new clubs and their members.
The 4-Way Test Poster is a sentimental gift from the Rotary collection of former member Don Anderson. It was a meaningful gift from Mary to know that Don is able to continue to support Rotary which was such an important part of this life. Blake, in accepting the gift, was touched by the sentiment but also commented about the importance of the 4-Way Test to Rotarians. It will be posted in their meeting room and the club will recite it as they close their regular Rotary Club Meetings.