It is time to sell (or buy) tickets for the Annual Grocery Grab with Russ's. The Grocery Grab is our major source of funds for the Scholarship awards. Turn in ticket money and stubs by Friday, April 5. Click here to contact us about buying tickets.
Last year the winner made an anonymous donation to the Food Bank of Lancaster County. They got carts and carts of food to distribute to the needy in the area. Two years ago the winner was a single mom who filled the family freezer and pantry with $1,000 in food! 
Tickets can be sold by Lincoln South Rotary Club Members at a discount - 3 tickets for $25. Otherwise tickets are $10 per ticket (available through Rotary Club Members or at any Russ's store).
All Lincoln South Rotary Club Members are asked to sell a packet of tickets. You can get your tickets at a club meeting, or we will mail them to you with instructions for selling and returning the funds and ticket stubs.