On March 19, 2021 we heard from Sue Schreiner and Kaye Jesske who shared information about the new Bryan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

A cancer diagnosis is like no other. You need different treatments so need to see providers in different locations. All of them have different billing systems. And, that also means different patient portals. It can be daunting to manage all of that - to keep it all straight - to know what to look up where. Bryan believes that cancer care in Lincoln is more complicated than it should be. Multiple appointments at different locations to see a primary care physician, oncologist, radiologist, surgeon and more, adds to the anxiety and stress of treatment.

The goal of the Bryan team is to pull everything together. That where there will be one location, one billing system, one portal with concierge level service. The patient is the center in all of the planning.

They listened - to patients, other cancer centers, and physicians. It was a lot of information to taken in and analyze. Ultimately the customer input was the most important - what would make their experience, and the support for their families, better. Again - the customer is the center of the planning.

The center needed to serve, not only Lincoln, but greater Nebraska. So they wanted it to be easy to access. A gift of 28 acres of land made this possible. It is located just off the new Lincoln South Beltway so very easy to access. The customer also wanted sufficient parking - not only will the center have parking close to the facility, but will also offer valet parking.

This will be a multi-disciplinary clinic. Sue helped launch a multi-disciplinary clinic in Omaha. The patient can come in one day and see all of the physicians in one visit. They walk away and know their total treatment plan. Though this may not be right for everyone, it is available if a customer chooses.

Access to clinic trials and genetic testing is a focus of the new center. There is currently only one true genetic counselor in Lincoln today.Genetic testing provides insight into treatment - certain treatment options and medicines work better than others based on genetic make up. Also, the families of the patient may be offered genetic testing so they can see their risk level. This all helps line up options for clinical trials.

This will be truly a customer centered program. All of the physicians will discuss the treatment plan for the patient. That ensures that they all talk the same talk. They use what is called a tumor board for each type of tumor. They discuss each patient with the particular cancer diagnosis.

Lincoln has the resources to provide good treatment - but the providers are fragmented. Most of the providers in Lincoln are working for independent doctor officers. This is different than what they found in Omaha where most providers were in clinics. Bringing this type of center to Lincoln will help bring all services for the cancer patient under one roof.

Sue also discussed the concept of Nurse Navigators that will be part of the patient care. Every patient will be assigned a nurse to help them through their treatment. They will help coordinate all of the appointments needed and also act as a liaison between the various providers, the patient and the family.

The land that was donated provides a very serene setting - a pond, trees, a great deal of open grassy area. The design of the facility will fit in. Rather than building a facility with many floors, instead they have a ground level and then lower level, both of which will provide windows with a view of the grounds.

Use the links to view the website and video for a view of the planned facility.

Bryan Comprehensive Cancer Center Web Page - click here
Cancer Center Animated Video - click here

One thing that the plan includes is plenty of light - windows. Many treatment centers have closed, cramped rooms. The patients and families of the Brian Center will be able to relax and enjoy the outdoor scene. This is intended to provide a calming experience. The infusion rooms can be private or shared and all include TVs. There are also volunteers that distribute magazines and music groups that perform in the open areas.

There are naming opportunities for the various rooms and sections of the Center. Kaye shared a story that the UNL Fraternities are planning to name the Cafe. They want the community to recognize them as being supportive of the community. 

Kaye Jesske – 402-326-8588; Kaye.jesske@bryanhealth.org
Sue Schreiner – 402-481-6313; Susan.Schreiner@bryanhealth.org



Sue Schreiner
Sue is the new Director of the Bryan Cancer Center.  She has been at Bryan Health for 8 months. Prior to joining the Bryan team, she was the Oncology Services Director at the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha.  In her role there she was the Clinical Project Manager for the Cancer Center. She was intimately involved in the strategic planning and activation of the center.

Sue has 30+ years of healthcare experience in many diverse areas which include Information Technology, Education, Radiologic Technology, and Oncology.

Sue is very excited to be part of the Bryan Health and Southeast Nebraska Oncology and Hematology team. She looks forward to expanding the cancer program with the addition of multi-disciplinary clinics, survivorship, tumor conferences, expansion of nurse navigation program and genetics. She is also helping expand the addition of new specialists in Lincoln.

It is her goal to create a program that rivals others in our state and around the country.  The Bryan Comprehensive Community Cancer Center will provide a full range of diagnostic and treatment services and we will participate in cancer-related clinical research. The Cancer Center will bring everything a patient needs under one roof.

Kaye Jesske
Kaye has been a Senior Development Officer for the Bryan Foundation for 3 ½ years.  Prior to joining Bryan, she was a Senior Director of Development - Corporate Relations at the University of Nebraska Foundation for 18 years.  In this role, she secured gifts for capital projects, academic programs/ scholarships, athletics scholarships, and all programmatic support for each of the University of Nebraska campuses.

Kaye is passionate about her work in healthcare - specifically the new Bryan Cancer Center and the impact it will make on many throughout Nebraska. She enjoys building relationships with others and having the opportunity to help individuals, organizations and companies find ways to make an investment in healthcare for our community.  She thrives on helping people find joy and passion in their charitable giving.