Kelly Brunkhorst of the Nebraska Corn Board was our speaker at Lincoln South Rotary On March 8.
The group had many questions and we spent the majority of our time discussing ag production and tariffs.
Kerry gave us some statistics which helped us understand the importance to all ag issues in Nebraska. On an annual basis, the farmers and ranchers in Nebraska produce more than any other area in the world. We produced 1.5 billion bushels of corn last year and 2/3 of that was used in our State. So, we had to find a market for the other 1/3.
It is understood that this is an overproduction and other States have overproduction as well. So, we all need to find alternate markets for these products.
There are some things that are affecting the consumption of products by Nebraskans. There is a trend of consumers to consumer locally produced items. Also, the middle class is growing and the fact is that as our income goes our protein consumption goes up.
There are billions of products exported annually. $6.4 billion was shipped to Canada and Mexico alone. So, we can see the concern with the current attempt to dismantle the NAFTA agreement. Even early on - as the talks are going on - our trading partners have shown concern and found new trading partners. Because of that we lost some of our big trading partners and have had to work to find new partners.
The Nebraska Corn Growers Association works to create and increase opportunities for Nebraska corn farmers through advocacy, education, partnerships, and leadership development.
The Nebraska Corn Growers Association is committed to enhance and expand the use, marketing, and efficient production of corn, and to do everything within the capability of the association that will benefit the Nebraska Corn Producer.. By reviewing the website ( you can see that the leadership is representative of the entire State of Nebraska.
Kelly Brunkhorst was raised on a diversified grain and livestock operation that is still operated by his parents south of Wauneta, NE.  Following graduation from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with a degree in Mechanized Systems Management – Business, Kelly continued in his enjoyment of agriculture by managing a feed mill for Bartlett Foods, a private swine operation, then becoming a district sales manager for Crow’s Hybrids. 
Following a job with the Nebraska Grain and Feed Association, Kelly joined the staff of the Nebraska Corn Board where he held the position of Director of Research for ten years prior to becoming the Executive Director of both the Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association.
Kelly volunteers back to agriculture by serving on the boards of Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska and Nebraska Agriculture Leadership Council. Kelly and his wife Carey have two sons, Seth (19) and Alex (13).