At Lincoln South Rotary Club on May 21, 2021 we heard from Matt Schepers. Matt, a former member and past president of Lincoln South Rotary Club now does Leadership and Personal Growth Coaching and Speaking.
Matt shared that he believes that our behaviors are driven by our memories and our memories are driven by emotions. If we examine a behavior and why we acted the way we did we can likely trace it back to an emotion. When something happens, an earlier memory may come rushing in and drive our behavior.
One of the experiences that he shared was his great grandfather and selling sweet corn. He said he just did the normal "get your sweet corn here it is not in store yet". He made some sales but others just walked past.
His grandfather saw a person and visited with him about his family and what had been going on and while they were talking he was putting corn - one ear at a time - into a bag. By the time they were done sharing, the man decided to buy, not only that bag, but 4 dozen to share with his kids who were coming to dinner. He explained to Matt that people want to know that you care about them - that you value them. 
There was also a coach that challenged Matt to be a leader. His parents challenged him to take on that role. The coach brought Matt into the gym and grabbed a basketball to play horse. While playing, the coach was asking questions and Matt was being a typical teenager and giving one word answers. As the coach continued to ask questions getting more and more in depth. Matt's answers got longer. What the coach was teaching him was that he had the ability to navigate through this new role. There was an emotional connection that helped Matt.
Matt explained that we leave an emotional fingerprint with every interaction.
  • Love - an example of Love is when we show them the greatness within themselves.
  • Challenge - more like tough love, we all have times we have a memory of when we were challenged and it changed our behavior
  • Indifference - that leaves a person like nobody listens and supports them; Matt said that when he reviews the interactions that he had that day, if he feels he left an emotional fingerprint of indifference, he will reach out to them and get a new engagement
Finally he talked about the compounding effect. Focus on 5 people - have positive interactions and leave love emotional fingerprint. It will leave them all with a good feeling. Then if those 5 reach out to 5 more and on and on soon we have impacted millions of people. 
He compared that to what we have done in Rotary. We start with the activities in our club and community. We often see multi-district projects and then we do nation-wide and world-wide projects. We don't have to change the World - we can change a few at a time. We are impacting the World by focusing on our 5.
From sitting on a tailgate at age 6 selling sweetcorn for a $1 in a small town, to sitting in a board room leading a multimillion-dollar division of a business, there is one common thread that connects everything within this life adventure.  It connects his failures to his successes, his love of family, and his purpose for his work. This thread has become Matthew’s passion to everyday share with those he loves, knows, and those he hopes to call friends.  
Matthew lives in Lincoln, NE with his wife Erin and his 3 kids, working as Director of Sales at HealthStream who’s vision mirrors the Coaching business he founded in 2017, Transcend Life.  Giving value to those who serve others.