Receiving pin tabs April 5, 2019 representing years of 100% attendance (from left to right):
Bruce Remington 24 years, Kim Remington 19 years, John Herdman 38 years and Nicki Klein 29 years. Also pictured is Dave Dietz Co-Chair Membership.
We also have a number tab for Dick Miller for 30 years with 100% attendance. We look forward to presenting that tab soon when he is able to attend a Rotary meeting.
Many members remember when maintaining a certain level of attendance at Rotary Meetings was a requirement. And, many members also set a goal to attain 100% attendance by making up at other clubs and participating in other Rotary events.
Lincoln South Rotary Club will not implement attendance tracking guidelines and will not publish attendance figures of the members.
  • We will, however, recognize interested members who have 100% attendance.
  • This will be a self-tracking initiative.
  • And, if you are interested in receiving a tab for your Rotary Pin showing your 100% attendance years, let Nicki know.