99 Years Old ~ 30 Years 100% attendance ~ nearly 50 years in Rotary
Lincoln South Rotary Club Member Dick Miller is winding down his Rotary involvement.
But, that didn't stop him for attending on Friday February - and it didn't stop the club from recognizing him for his contributions to and through Rotary.
Dick has been in Rotary nearly 50 years. He had 100% attendance until about age 80. But, even after that he rarely missed a Rotary meeting or social event.
And, his spouse Kaye was an important and active part of his Rotary life. She shared that when they were traveling he would often ask her to look up a Rotary Club Meeting using the Rotary Official Directory so the would know when and where to attend. She also made Rotary friends. One time while at a restaurant she noticed a woman who was a Rotarian and she asked her to join her table. It allowed her to get to know her and share Rotary stories. She also said there was a time when Dick was in a Rotary meeting and she was in another part of the restaurant being treated like royalty - she wasn't sure who they thought she was.
We also celebrated Dick's 99 birthday coming up February 4.
Pictured is Lincoln South Rotary Club Membership Co-Chair Dave Dietz recognizing Dick for 30 years with 100% attendance. Though nearly 20 years late our club wanted to be sure he received the recognition. Looking on is Dick's spouse Kaye.
Many club members were able to stay after the club meeting for a group photo with Dick: