Please read the letter that we received from the student we sponsored for RYLA this year - Lucas Hudkins Holt Christensen. He is the son of our Rotary Club Member Henrik Holt Christensen.
Thank you Lincoln South Rotary Club for the opportunity to participate in this year’s RYLA camp.  I appreciate your support in developing potential future local leaders like myself.
Some things I liked about the RYLA camp was how people from all over the globe were able to connect.  The virtual camp was not favorable but it did have its upsides.  There was not a distance barrier; everyone was focused on one conversation.  Whether that was good or bad is still debatable, but everyone was nice and kind towards each other.  We listened to each other’s view points and didn’t discourage or judge.  There were a lot of people with different outlooks on topics and it was nice to hear their ideas and link them with my own.
We also dove deeper into topics when we met in smaller groups.  I liked my group leader.  His name was Brandon.  We were in the Olive Group.  We didn’t spend much time in small groups but the time we did was fun as we discussed conversations in a smaller environment and people opened up more easily.  All in all I really liked the camp and I learned a lot about being a leader, the different types of leaders, and the benefits from each type.  I’m very thankful for having this opportunity and for being fortunate to be able to positively represent the Lincoln South Rotary Club.
Best Regards,
Lucas Hudkins Holt Christensen