Membership Committee

This committee develops and implements a plan for recruiting and retaining club members.


Public Relations Committee

This committee develops and executes a plan to provide the public with information about Rotary and promote the club's service projects and activities.


Administration Committee

This committee conducts all the club's administrative activities. The club secretary and treasurer should be members of this committee.  Also on this committee is the Programs/Speaker Chair and Communications Chair.


Service Projects Committee

This committee plans and carries out educational, humanitarian, and vocational projects that address the needs of the club's community and communities in other countries.  Fundraisers in support of the projects are also part of this committee's responsibilities.


The Rotary Foundation Committee

This committee develops and carries out plans to support The Rotary Foundation through financial contributions and club participation in Foundation programs.




General Practices:

q       To ensure continuity in each committee's activities, appoint committee members to three-year terms, whenever possible.

q       The club president-elect is responsible for filling vacancies and appointing committee chairs.

q       The president- elect should also conduct planning meetings with incoming committees before the next Rotary year begins.

q       The Club Leadership Plan recommends that each committee chair have previous experience on that committee.

q       The club should appoint additional committees and subcommittees as needed, such as for special projects or to reflect the traditional activities of the club.

q       Each standing committee should set goals in support of the club's annual and long-range goals.

q       Each club committee should report regularly to the club's board about the progress of their activities. Many clubs use assemblies for this purpose.

q       Each committee should also take advantage of district support by communicating regularly with the club's assistant governor and the appropriate district committees.