Oct 11, 2019
Kristin Pfabe and Steve Dunbar

Steve Dunbar is retired from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a professor of mathematics but he remains active with research and education.   His interests are in applications of mathematics, especially to biology, economics and politics.

Kristie Pfabe is a math professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University.  She has special interests in the mathematical training of elementary school teachers and in applications of mathematics to civic life.

Both Steve and Kristie have attended conferences on gerrymandering that were organized by the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group, a Boston-based team of mathematicians and computer scientists.  This group aims to engage the scientific community in cutting-edge research in redistricting, to train scholars to act as expert witnesses in redistricting cases, to educate the public on this issue and to build a diverse community of mathematically inclined people to increase accountability in the redistricting process.