Allo Communications
Mar 04, 2022
Brad Moline
Allo Communications


Brad Moline founded ALLO Communications LLC, a competitive local telephone company based in Nebraska in 2003, and serves as its president and chief executive officer. ALLO has fiber to the premise installations and operations in 15 communities with a total population of 460,000 in Nebraska and Colorado.  ALLO is a subsidiary of Nelnet, Inc (NYSE: NNI).   Moline currently serves on the board of the National Cable Television Cooperative, a television programming purchasing organization.

Previously, Moline was senior vice president of finance and chief financial officer of Birch Telecom in Kansas City.  From 1994 to 1997, Moline was the treasurer and chief financial officer of Covenant Transport, Inc., which became publicly traded during his tenure. Moline currently serves on the Board of Directors of Covenant Transport (CVTI) and serves on the audit committee.

Moline also serves on the board of his family’s grocery operations in Nebraska and Colorado.

Moline holds a Bachelor of Administration degree in Business Administration from the

University of Nebraska and is formerly a certified public accountant with Ernst & Young.