On August 17 we heard from new member Aubrey Paulsen.
Aubrey was asked to present a member moment - to let us get to know a bit about her.
Aubrey is a Senior Living Advocate at Tabitha. In this position she helps people along their aging journey - helping them figure out what services will help them at the various stages of their life.
She and her spouse live in Friend, Nebraska and have two sons - in 4th and 2nd grades. They live near her husband's family.
The idea of Service Above Self is near and dear to Aubrey. She was on the Hospital Board in Friend for about 5 years and found many opportunities to be active in service. She felt that Rotary was a great fit for her interests.
She has become active with organ donation - especially after a close friend lost a son and they were able to help a number of families with his donated organs.