Posted on Aug 20, 2021
Bobby Cunningham was born in Kansas. When his parents became missionaries when he was 2 he found himself living in various countries around the world.
Their first stop was Costa Rica then they were in Spain for 8 years. Their last assignment was Romania.
Bobby came back to Kansas for college where he studied music. After getting his degree he decided he should be preaching so then he studied and became a pastor. He served in a church in Kansas and then found a home in Lincoln - at the Epic Church.
He first connected with Rotary when he was a pastor in Kansas - he met people that mattered - therefore Rotary mattered to him. In the 6 years he was there he served as Treasurer, President-elect and President.
One interesting fact is that they just came back from a vacation in Romania. His parents retired there and this was the first time his children got to visit their grandparents in their home.