Membership Chair Suzanne Tyrrell shared information about the couples that we have in Lincoln South Rotary Club. These couples provide double strength and support and they have fun sharing Rotary experiences. 
Of the 6 couples - the 12 members:
7 have been President of Lincoln South Rotary Club
1 has been President of a different Rotary Club
1 is President-nominee
1 is a Past District Governor
3 have served in other District Leadership roles
2 have been honored with the Cadwallader Award - the highest service award given in our District
All have done Rotary projects, tasks and served on committees - all with the assistance and support of their spouses.
Picture left to right:
Bill and Joyce Schmeeckle
Jenny and Tom Cardwell
DeEtta and Bob Vrana
Suzanne and Chan Tyrrell
Srini Ampavati & Suni Kasibhatla
Bruce and Kim Remington
Top 10 Benefits of being a couple in Rotary
by DeEtta Vrana
  1. You could carpool and save on gas expense.  
  2. You may get a free lunch if your spouse pays for your lunch.
  3. If no one will sit with you at the meeting, usually your spouse will.
  4. If you need happy dollars, your spouse will usually have small bills.
  5. If someone asks you to serve on a committee or project, you can always decline and volunteer your spouse.  
  6. It’s tough to fudge on the 4-Way Test when your spouse is in your Rotary Club.
  7. It’s a great way to build friendships with other members that goes beyond Rotary.
  8. If you are having some memory issues, what you don’t remember from the meeting, your spouse probably will.  
  9. It is much better than being a Kiwanian, a Shriner, an Elk, or an Optimist.  
  10. Couples who Share Common Interests and Goals of Rotary – Have A Fun and Loving Marriage that could provide fringe benefits! 
Think about inviting your partner to join us!