Our member moment on June 1, 2018 was presented by Lincoln South Rotary Club Past President Clay Ehlers.
He commented that he joined Rotary about 13 years ago when he was feeling a need to “grow up”, become an adult and provide service to the Community. His Mother –in-law is Joyce Michaelis who introduced him to Rotary.
He has been married to Julianna for 20 years and they have a daughter Claire just entering High School.
They just sent their “part time daughter” Sophie back to Norway. He urged everyone to consider hosting an international student for the rewarding experience.
What we did not know about Clay is that he is here in Nebraska because he failed Spanish. He was majoring in biology in college and had a desire to work in the ocean. When he learned that knowing the Spanish language was required he tried and failed . . . a few times. So he switched is major and earned a degree in Business Administration.