Dick Wampler told us that he is from the flint hills of Kansas which is one of the finest cattle raising and grazing areas of the country.
When he was 6 they moved to a farm near Portland, Kansas where he went to a one-room school. He did not have any classmates until 8th grade. being in a small school he participated in all of the activities, earning letters in track, football and basketball. He was the Valedictorian of his class.
He had to improve his studying in order to attend veterinary school, graduating in 1955.
He was in the Army which took him to Chicago. He said though it was not an overseas assignment it seemed very foreign compared to his Kansas youth. He said there were many parties where he was housed as it was mostly military members and airline hostesses. 
He married his college sweetheart and had a 43-year career as a veterinarian in Grand Island. Wamplers lived on an acreage outside of Grand Island where they had many horses. A while after his wife passed away, he met his current wife Jean through Nebraska Football. Jean and Dick both enjoyed attending games. Though Dick enjoyed the sport, Jean like the social activities.
Dick has 2 children and 3 step-children and a total of 7 grandchildren.