The Dictionary Project is a city-wide Rotary project where dictionaries are delivered to every 4th grade student in Lincoln.
Volunteers are needed for the Dictionary Project annually and it includes:
- - Organization Committee of Lincoln South Rotary Club (already done for this year)
- - Packaging / Labeling Party Sep 24, 2019 starting at 5;30 PM - all Rotarians are invited to help put name plates in the books and help sort into boxes for each of the schools (click here for event details); the work goes fast - you won't want to be late - and you won't likely be there the entire 2 hours
- - Delivery (in October) - the dictionaries are delivered to the schools by Rotarians (a change last year caused some disruption in the deliveries but we are back on track for this year); we will be able to present and make a very short presentation speech
Lincoln South Rotary Club Contacts for the Dictionary Project:
Clay Ehlers - click here to email or call 402-730-0095
Srini Ampavati - click here to email or call 402-202-0717