We heard from Aubrey Paulsen on January 10. She shared information about Tabitha - what they offer and what is coming in the future.
Tabitha has a complete line of Senior Care Services, including:
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home Health Care
  • Living Communities
  • Hospice Services
  • Meals on Wheels
The main campus of Tabitha is in Lincoln but they have services in 28 Nebraska counties.
Tabitha has set up community campuses to serve seniors with a variety of needs from assisted living to skilled nursing to hospice. They currently have one in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Lincoln and another in Crete.
They are expanding in Nebraska to ensure that their services are available to more of the Nebraska population.
Aubrey shared plans to build a new campus in Grand Island. She said that there is a need for their services in the Grand Island area and they are excited about teh opportunity to provide those services.
A new and popular option is Tabitha‚Äôs residential facilities. These are home settings where they can provide skilled nursing and long-term care options for older adults who are in need of full-time nursing support.
These residential communities were created to provide larger suites and a home-like setting. The residents have living spaces that can accommodate larger family visits. The advantage of these homes:
  • Like-home living
  • Individualized schedules
  • Family-style environment
  • Private suites and baths
This option is a bit more expensive but may provide a more comfortable option for seniors as they continue through the later years of their life journey.
Lincoln South Rotary Club has provided volunteers for the Meals on Wheels program for years and asked Aubrey for an update. First Aubrey thanked the club for the support that we have provided. 
Tabitha Meals on Wheels was the first service of its kind in Lincoln. It now services more than 500 clients daily, 365 days a year. They server everyone who needs the program regardless of circumstances. Recipients are asked to pay what they can - nobody is turned away.
Aubrey shared that this service is much more than a meal. For some seniors this may be the only contact they have for days. The delivery volunteers provide a face-to-face safety check for these individuals who may not see another person for days.
Click here for details on Miles for Meals is a fundraiser to support the Meals on Wheels program. It is scheduled for March 28, 2020.
Much of this information and more can be found at www.tabitha.org.