Posted on Dec 10, 2021
Joyce Michaelis is retired after teaching at Nebraska Wesleyan University for 44 years.
Joyce is rom Michigan, graduating from Central Michigan University. She spent her Junior year at the University of Puerto Rico.  
She was awarded a National Defense Foreign Language Fellowship to do graduate work at University of Nebraska Lincoln. She then taught at Nebraska Wesleyan University for 44 years.
Joyce was married for 29 years, losing her husband to ALS. The had two children. Julianna is married to Lincoln South Rotary Club Member Clay Ehlers. We often hear of their daughter (Joyce's granddaughter) Claire. Joyce's son Mark is a finance guy at Sam's Club. He and his wife Marta, who was an exchange student at NWU have 3 children.
"I love the idea that Rotary tries to make the world a better place and I love the 4 way test to help make decisions in a complex world." stated Michaelis.
She collects and studies Nativities which fits well with her love of travel. Clay's grandmother collected Nativities and Joyce started picking them up for her as che traveled. Soon Joyce got interested, not only in the sets but the meaning behind the various pieces and materials used to create each set.