We learned about the Nebraska Association of School Boards on July 31 at Lincoln South Rotary club when our speaker was Kori Stanosheck who is the Director of Board Leadership Engagement of the NASB.

From http://members.nasbonline.org/:
NASB is a private, nonprofit organization that serves the needs of Nebraska’s public schools. Since 1918, NASB has been committed to serving school boards across the state. Our mission to enhance public education for the children of Nebraska is assembled upon the beliefs that:

Every public school board will govern effectively and with integrity.
Every public school board member will understand the importance, and emphasize increased student achievement.
Every public school board will practice good stewardship of resources

In support of the stated beliefs, NASB provides advocacy, consultation, board development, and training, as well as, district support-service programs for our 260 member school districts and educational service units across the state of Nebraska. The programs are managed by a professional staff, and governance oversight is carried out by a statewide Board of Directors consisting of 23 school board members elected by their peers.

Kori works exclusively with School Boards. But there are many aspects to the NASB, serving all parties involved in Education. She showed us an image of those aspects. School District Community -> Board of Education -> Superintendent -> Administration, Teachers, Student Body.

There is a Government Relations arm that is very busy right now since there are a number of bills this session such as school funding and charter vs. public schools. They also offer insurance such as fire and flood.

NASB assists with superintendent search for member school districts (97% of the Nebraska school districts are members). Kori stated that in 2019 there was a record number of superintendent positions to fill - over 30. She pointed out that those new superintendents are faced with tough decisions this first year due to the pandemic. 

They normally hold quite a few events annually though it is uncertain how that will work this year. Their state conference usually has 2500 school board members in attendance.

During those events they work with school boards in various ways. She said that one of the important workshops helps school board members find a way to respond to questions and requests. They have a constitutional base that they have to listen to but those supporters put them in unfair positions at times - such as pressure for their kids to earn positions on school teams. The NASB helps them learn how to explain their position and authority.

Many people have the misconception that the school boards make decisions about the entire budget for the schools. But, the majority of the budget is already set out for salaries. Knowing how to respond to questions and requests of the public is important.

Kori mentioned some of the specific programs and initiatives. The Nebraska Whole Child Project addresses how to work with children with a number of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). Children who are nurtured and supported throughout childhood are more likely to thrive and develop into happy, healthy, and productive adults.

Child advocates and Resources for Education (CARE) - parent engagement is worsening - parents aren't attending parent-teacher conferences like they should. 

Diversity, Equity and Connectedness is an initiative that addresses some areas misunderstood by many. Many equity issues arose with remote schooling. Children to do all have the same access to remote learning.

NASD has assisted 46 school districts with strategic planning. The goal is to include the community, staff and students - create a plan that will not just be put on a shelf.

They assist with retreats for superintendents on team building and goal planning. The NASD provides support with superintendent evaluations which are required on an annual basis.

It is evident that there are many more functions of the NASD - read more at http://members.nasbonline.org/.


Kori joined NASB as the Board Leadership Engagement Associate in July of 2018. Kori has worked in the field of board leadership strategy and education for the past decade as a strategic advisor working with non-profit organizations across the nation. In her role at NASB, Kori ensures that NASB is the preeminent voice in Nebraska for school board leadership, strategic engagement and planning, and governance excellence. 

Kori’s work will also be in the advancement of the strategic initiatives in improving childhood health and wellness through the Nebraska Whole Child Project, as well as leading the Nebraska Public School Foundation. 

Kori received her undergraduate degree from UNL and Master’s Degree in Public Administration from UNO. She and her husband, Seif, live in Lincoln.