Lincoln South Rotary Club supports the Rotary International President and District Governor Tom's initiative to plant trees this year. On April 20 we participated in the dedication of the latest Habitat for Humanity home. The program does include trees so Lincoln South Rotary provided some for this family. For photos click here.
About the new homeowners:
Salh & Samera rent a small two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with their three boys, Khalid, Abubakar, and Ibrahim. Since moving from Sudan to the United States in 2010, they have lived in eight different addresses. Moving from affordable rental unit to the next does not provide a stable environment for the boys to grow up.
Their current apartment is on the third floor and the stairs are wooden and warn. The little boys trip on the unsafe steps going up and down. The parking is overcrowded requiring Salh to park far away from the door when he comes home from work at night. And the neighbors are noisy at all hours making it hard for the family to study or sleep.
Salh and Samera are happy to live in Lincoln and want a safe, decent home to raise their family. Lincoln has good schools and safe neighborhoods. They save their money for large purchases and do not really on credit cards. They applied for the Habitat Homebuyer Program because they believe in stability and self-reliance homeownership provides. A home is an investment in their family’s future.
Stability for their family is most important. They want to study and have a quiet, safe place for their children to study so they can do well in this county – that is their top priority. In Sudan, Samera was a doctor. After moving to the United States both started to study English and general studies. Samera plans on studying Criminal Justice at SCC when all the children are in school.
With an affordable mortgage, Salh and Samera will be able to have a decent, stable home to raise their family and continue their education. Their sons will have a sense of security; stability; teachers who will become mentors by staying in the same school; friends in their neighborhood; space to study, play and be a family.
Through homeownership, Salh and Samera will build strength, stability and self-reliance.