Lincoln South Rotary has a long tradition of providing scholarships to students continuing their education beyond high school. Over the past two years, Rotary Club members and the Scholarship Committee have discussed ways that we could make our program more effective by providing larger scholarships to students who are 1) academically qualified; 2) engaged in fields of study needed to support our community; and 3) have a demonstrated financial need.

The Lincoln South Rotary Club Board approved a plan drafted by the Scholarship Committee to meet these goals.  The 2023 Lincoln South Rotary  Scholarship program will focus on students attending Bryan Health College.   Bryan Health College was selected for the following reasons:  1) the college administration has verified that it has the ability to review applicants for financial need and submit qualified candidates to the club; and 2) we will be helping to support a specific field in our community where there is a shortage - health care workers.

The Board also approved a fundraising effort to fund the $5,000 scholarship so that there would not be a negative impact on this year's budget. Members can continue to donate to the Scholarship Fund (click here).
The Scholarship Committee will be chaired by Matt Horak commencing in July 2023 and will meet to determine the annual program for 2024 and beyond.

Thank you for your support of our scholarship program.

- - Mary Gilbride, Lincoln South Rotary Club Scholarship Chair