Over the past couple of years, the Covid pandemic has caused many changes in what we do and how we do it in our daily lives.  That has also been the case with our Lincoln South Rotary Club.
The Lincoln South Rotary Club Board has streamlined our process for welcoming new members into our Club, getting them oriented, and making them feel welcome over the past few years. The last piece of that was putting together a new Orientation Power Point. 
New members can now view this brand new Power Point at their convenience.  It is designed to also be a reference tool so they can go back and refer to it again in the future.
All of our club members are invited to go to our web page and take a look at this Power Point.  It is a good refresher about Rotary at all levels and about our Club.  (And be sure and look for yourself as there are many pictures incorporated into this presentation!)  Here is how you find it on our web page:
  1. Go to lincolnsouthrotary.org (this is our Club's website).
  2. On the left side of that page
    • Under the box that says "Site Pages,"
    • Scroll down and click "Membership."
  3. When that new page opens, on the left side, under the "Membership" box,
    • Scroll down to the box that says "Files."
    • Under that, click on "Lincoln South Rotary Club Orientation Power Point Slides."
    • The Power Point presentation will open on your computer.
    • Use your mouse to scroll through the slides, or you can use the right arrow on your keyboard to go forward through the orientation slides.
Please take the opportunity to review all of these pages on our website. To go directly to the Orientation Power Point, click here.
Suzanne Tyrrell
Lincoln South Rotary Membership Chair 2022-2023