Our Lincoln South Rotary has had an exciting year of welcoming new people into our club.  Right now we are a club of 53 members.  So far, seven people have joined us since last August. I apologize to Sue Merrill - an error caused her to be left off the list when first published.
None of this would be possible without our current members who reach out to invite their co-workers, business associates, friends, and family members.
Currently, 21 people who are in our club have been responsible for getting all but 8 of our current club members!  These people are:
Sue Merrill
Jenny Cardwell
Maxine Moul
Dave Dietz
Bernie Poppe
Clay Ehlers
Kim Remington
John Herdman
Joe Roberts
Tom Hyde
Joyce Schmeeckle
Nikki Isemann
Vi See
Suni Kasibhatla
Chan Tyrrell
Nicki Klein
Suzanne Tyrrell
Tracey McLain
Bob Vrana
Joyce Michaelis
Kay Wunderlih
The effort of member sponsors keeps our club active and vibrant, and invites others to join us who have the heart for Service Above Self.
We thank these people for their service to Rotary and service to our club.
- - Suzanne Tyrrell, Lincoln South Rotary Membership Chair 2022-2023