Clay Ehlers, the Club Chair of our Youth programs provided an overview of activities. His invitation - anyone interested in getting involved with these inspiring young people - and our future - should contact him.
Dictionary Project
The Rotary Clubs of Lincoln join together annually to provide a dictionary to every 3rd grade student in Lincoln. It is an opportunity for the clubs to collaborate on a program that supports the entire community. Ideally Rotarians go to the schools to present to the students and feel the excitement of the students and teachers.
Juniors and Seniors are invited to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards camp every spring. Lincoln South Rotary Club typically sponsors 1 or 2 participants each year. There are also opportunities to participate as volunteers and presenters during the camp. The event is a leadership experience where young people can develop leadership skills while having fun and making connections.
Rotary Youth Exchange
This study abroad program brings students from other countries to Lincoln while Lincoln students then travel to those countries. Youth Exchange students often say their experience abroad was the best time of their lives. And, it can be a life-changing experience for the host families as well. There are generally 4 exchanges in Lincoln and we can help by finding host families.
Helping youth work toward their chosen career is important to Rotary. We have a scholarship committee in place that proposes how the scholarship program will be presented and administered. Learning about the career aspirations of these youth and hearing their plans helps us believe that our future is in good hands.
These college age members are strong on leadership and community service. There is a Rotaract Club at UNL that believes in the ideals of Rotary and are likely future Rotarians. Being part of the committee supporting Rotaract is a great way to interact with youth. They are always looking for additional coaches and mentors.
Let Clay know how to involve you in these youth programs.