Lincoln South Rotary Club learned about Barnabas Community at the meeting on May 18. Executive Director Dwight Thiemann presented information about the history and support that is provided to anyone in need.
Lincoln Police noticed an increase in petty crime in the northwest part of Lincoln. They believed it was due to poverty and frustration. After talking to the People's City Mission, a partnership developed with the Belmont Shopping Center who provided space. Local churches were responsible for donations of clothing and food and provided the volunteers.
It got difficult to provide services as they outgrew their space and what they could do. There was one coordinator who was a volunteer and she had to resign. A member of the Sheridan Lutheran Church stepped up to volunteer and the Church got behind the project. It originated as Barnabas Project but then changed to Barnabas Community because project indicates an end.
Their services include a free store, meals, spiritual ministry and an eye clinic.
Free store - the inventory changes regularly because all items are donated. Guests can shop once per week; offer books, clothing, toys and household goods
Meals - Dinner Thursday, Breakfast Saturday (and if they have the food also lunch on Saturday); they serve 100-150 each meal
Spiritual - have a service Thursdays, prayer circle, and individual support as needed
Eye Clinic - weekly services are provided
Stats from 2017:
Population was mostly from zip codes 68521, 68502, 68503, 68508, 68504
Distributed over
- - 40,000 pieces of clothing
- - 8000 household items
- - 500 winter coats
- - 500 blankets
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