Lincoln South Rotary Club is among the top in the District for % of female members - we have 44.90% Female members and 55.10% Male members.
Here is the information compared to the District, Zone and Rotary worldwide:
Gender DistributionFemaleFemaleMaleMaleTotal
Lincoln South Rotary2244.90%2755.10%49
Rotary District 565060030.91%134069.04%1941
Our Rotary Zones924931.78%1980268.05%29100
Rotary Worldwide27381722.49%94213177.37%1217763
Clubs with a higher percentage of female membership in our District:
Avoca (10 members) - 70% female
Shenandoah (31 members) - 61.29% female
Hebron (19 members) - 52.63% female
Red Oak (13 members) - 48.15% female