The Lincoln South Rotary Club Board approved a service project to support needy families. We are able to help three single parent homes with Christmas this year to help their families have a Christmas to remember! It is easy - see the list on Amazon (read more). All items need to reach President Matt by December 16.
President Matt connected with the Randolph Elementary School and got wish lists of three families. One family is a single father with 3 kids (10,  5 and 4). One is a single mother with 4 kids (7, 6, 2, and 18 months). Another is a single mother with 4 kids (ages were not disclosed).
President Matt created an Amazon Wish List - Randolph Family Christmas Wish list - click here
To ship to President Matt's Office add this shipping address:
Dr. Matt Horak
Horak Chiropractic & Acupuncture
1640 Normandy Ct Suite B, 
Lincoln, NE 68512
If you do not ship to President Matt, bring to a Rotary Club meeting by December 16.
If you purchase elsewhere, update the Amazon List so that duplicates are not ordered.
All items need to be to President Matt by December 16.
This is set up on Amazon Smile - which gives some of the proceeds to charity.
If you have not already been set up on Amazon Smile you can do it now! There is no cost. You buy the same products from Amazon or Amazon Smile - at the same price. But, by logging on to Amazon Smile you can request that a % of your sale go to the charity of your choice. 
Lincoln South Rotary Club Foundation is one of those charities.
Click the link for the Wish list (click here).
At the very top of the page you will see a paragraph about Amazon Smile.
Within that area there is a link to Logon to Amazon Smile. Use your Amazon Logon.
On that page, if you have not already selected a charity, find the links across the top for "supporting".
Lincoln South Rotary Club Foundation is one of those options.
Then shop away!