Lincoln South Rotary Club, with matching funds from Rotary District Grants, supported a free tree distribution which was held October 22, 2022. There were 250 trees distributed to families in low- to moderate- income residential neighborhoods in Lincoln.
Maxine Moul, project coordinator, was joined by volunteers Mary Gilbride, Nikki Isemann and Joe Roberts. Matt Horak was also on hand to take some photos.
Our team was one of the first stops, providing gift bags to each vehicle.
The project details and photos have been posted to - Rotary Showcase. The details were also posted to Rotary Club Central, where it will be included in the tracking toward our club goals.
Click here for the entire photo album. Thank you to Nikki and Matt for the photos.
The club provided $1,500 and the District matched that for total Rotary funds of $3,000. With our partnership with Lincoln Parks and Recreation, they applied to the Arbor Day Foundation and received an additional $10,000. And the Lincoln Parks and Recreation will provide an additional $1,500.
So our Lincoln South Rotary Club started the ball rolling with $1,500 - and the project will end up being nearly 10x our commitment. That is the power of Rotary!