Lincoln South Rotary Club Members have an opportunity to participate in tree planting in the Fall of 2022. The club applied to the District for a matching grant to provide replacement trees to low to moderate income residential neighborhoods in Lincoln.
Volunteers are needed for the distribution of trees at Mahoney Park (70th & Fremont St, Lincoln) on Saturday, October 22, 2022 starting at 8:00 AM.
The tasks of the volunteers may include directing traffic to handing out flyers and "swag bags", to placing trees into vehicles.
You can wear Halloween costumes if you wish - there will be a contest.
Lincoln South Rotary Club Project Coordinator - Maxine (click here to email her).
This project was approved by Rotary District 5650 and subsequently by Rotary International.
The club is providing $1,500 and the District is matching that for total Rotary funds of $3,000. With our partnership with Lincoln Parks and Recreation, they applied to the Arbor Day Foundation and received and additional $10,000. And the Lincoln Parks and Recreation will provide an additional $1,500.
So our Lincoln South Rotary Club started the ball rolling with $1,500 - and the project will end up being nearly 10x our commitment. That is the power of Rotary!