Lincoln South Rotary Club Members may have an opportunity to participate in tree planting in the Fall of 2022.
The Lincoln South Rotary Club Board reviewed possible projects for application to get District Matching Funds.

It was decided to proceed with a project to replace trees lost due to Emerald Ash Borer. This will be through the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Agency.

The location areas selected will be in low to moderate income areas of Lincoln.

The trees will be well-suited to our climate and the Agency will also provide assistance and education for the planting and maintenance.

The project has been forwarded to the District Committee but they have not yet met to review and approve the projects. It is also subject to review and approval by Rotary International.

Ideally we will have approval in July.

Lincoln South Rotary Club will put $1500 toward the project and the District will match with $1500.
Besides funding the purchase of trees, Lincoln South Rotary Club Members will have an opportunity to assist in the planting of the replacement trees.
Lincoln South Rotary Club member Maxine Moul brought the project to the board and will be our point person for information about planting opportunities.