Dr. Casey D. Bowen of Dermatology Associates of Lincoln will be our speaker at Lincoln South Rotary Club on September 18.

Topic: Lincoln South Rotary Club Meeting 2020_0918
Time: Sep 18, 2020 12:15 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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I am a Dermatologist at Dermatology Associates of Lincoln. A new practice opened in May of this year. Prior to that I was the Dermatologist at Offutt for the past 3 years and had been an active duty Air Force physician since 2009. I transitioned to the Nebraska Air National Guard as a Lieutenant Colonel last week.

During my time in the Air Force I had the opportunity to swim division 1 for 4 years at the Air Force Academy as well as internationally at military competitions in places like Germany and Poland.  In 2016 the Air Force sponsored me to swim solo across the English Channel and I became the 1400th (ish) person to do so in a time of 12 hours.  I have given a short (15 minutes or so) talk on goal setting as it relates to my channel crossing a few times in the Air Force and last year at Millard Air Port for an Aviation STEM event.  If you are interested I could give this talk to the group. The idea crossed my mind after hearing Ashton Lambie‚Äôs great talk.  I could tailor it to something else or just speak about the experience if you would prefer.