Posted on Sep 16, 2022
We heard from our newest member - Suchitra Pattnaik - during her Member Moment on September 16, 2022 at Lincoln South Rotary Club.
Suchitra shared a strong family value - one that was instilled in her by her parents - service to mankind and god is the most important thing you can do. They understood that, by uplifting others, it would lead to a fulfilling life and happiness.
She found herself involved in service from a very young age growing up in East India where she often volunteered to help in the schools.
She completed her studies in India with a Masters in Economics. With marriage, she moved to the United States - initially in California. She expressed that it was difficult being away from her family and in an unfamiliar culture. 
She was interested in continuing her studies in Economics but, to get a PhD she would have to move away from her home and husband. She decided to pursue computer science and subsequently earned a Masters.
With a couple more moves with her husband's career, they landed in Lincoln. She currently contracts for software engineering work.
She continues to work with organizations that support the people in India, including one that provides nano credit to help individuals develop new business ventures. She stated that, true to what her parents instilled in her, these activities were truly rewarding and she was truly happy.
She is new to Rotary. She has friends in Australia that encouraged her to pursue membership to expand here opportunities to give to those in need.. She connected with Lincoln South Rotary Club through the club website but then the pandemic caused all in-person meetings to shut down. After health restrictions eased, she reconnected. Since she is new to Rotary she is not sure of her favorite thing yet.
Sharing something personal - she loves Indian Classical Music.