Sunitha "Suni" Kasibhatla shared the story of her life and love on January 18 at Lincoln South Rotary Club.
When Suni was first introduced to Rotary by Clay Ehlers, She immediately recognized that we celebrate leadership and, in particular, that there were many high level professional women in our club. She saw many women in leadership positions in the club. She had been looking for a way to celebrate being a mother, a working mom, and a strong leader as a woman. She wanted to give back to the community. She found her match at Lincoln South Rotary Club and soon she, and her spouse Srini, joined the club.
She fell in love with Srini while they were in India where their parents were neighbors. But their relationship was frowned upon due to the caste system in India. Srini moved to the United States and their relationship endured the distance between them. They decided to marry even if that meant they had to leave their Indian life behind. They eventually persuaded their parents to accept and bless their union, they married, then they both came to America.
Suni finished her college in India and then, after moving to Nebraska, got her masters degree at Doane College.
They have one son, Leo.