Lincoln South Rotary Club has a strong tradition of supporting The Rotary International Foundation and our annual drive is going on now - ending January 31, 2023.
The Lincoln South Rotary Club Chairs for The Rotary International Foundation are Joe Roberts and Chan Tyrrell. See how the program works below.
Because of our club's strong tradition of giving to The Rotary Foundation,we have:
• Chartered April, 1984 (37 years); current membership 50 - highest membership 52
• 43 Current Paul Harris Fellows – 140 all-time (history of naming PHF at Conference); PHF named with cumulative giving of $1,000
• 29 Current Multiple Paul Harris Fellows – 47 all-time
• 8 Paul Harris Society Members (pledge of $1,00 per year)
• 14 Current Benefactors (endowment funds such as through your will)
• 4 Current Major Donors – 5 all time ($10,000 cumulative giving)
• 49 of 50 Current Members are Donors
• All time giving by the club members $376,698
Here are a few of the many reasons to support the Rotary International Foundation:
    1) 100% of your contributions go toward programming
    2) Top-ratings from Charity Navigator for past 14 years
    3)  50% of your contributions come back to our District to support local needs
To Donate:
- - Online payments for The Rotary Foundation Donations are the most efficient if posted through Click here for  instructions.
- - You can use those same instructions to set up TRF Direct (periodic payments processed automatically).
- - Checks can be mailed to Chan. Click here to contact Chan with questions or request his address (not posted here for privacy).
The Goals this year:
•    100% participation – $120 per member ($10/month)
•    Increase member contributions via Rotary Direct
•    Increase member contributions included with Annual Dues Statement
•    $14,000 to the Annual Fund
How the program works - Paul Harris Drawing (for those not yet Paul Harris Fellows)
•    Any member who already has cumulative contributions of at least $300
•    Contributes $120 during this drive
•    Winner will become a Paul Harris Fellow (with Lincoln South Rotary providing the remaining needed to reach $1,000)
Please review the flyer for additional information - click here.
If you have questions, contact Chan. Click here to contact Chan.
The Rotary Foundation has been rated 4 stars by Charity Navigator for 17 consecutive years! (click here)