We had the opportunity to hear a vocational talk by Lincoln South Rotary Club Member Suni Kasibhatla.
Suni is a Technical Success Manager with Glint.
Suni talked about the family of companies and how they work together. Microsoft purchased LinkedIn and then Glint. They use Microsoft analytics tools to help companies make smart hiring decisions. LinkedIn helps people and companies connect. And, it also includes some recruitment features and LinkedIn Learning to help people learn good communication skills and how to make presentations.
Glint provides engagement services. With Glint employee feedback tools they are able to quickly take the input and put into actionable items. With the simplified surveys and quick reaction time, people can see the results of their input and are more satisfied with their jobs.
It is Suni's responsibility to ensure that the technology is set up and properly supports the process. That includes data file creation, secure file transfer, single sign on, survey configuration, user roles and security and more.
One of the Glint sayings is "Go Ahead. Love Your Job.". Glint helps with that - not only for the companies they serve, but within their own company.
Thank you, Suni, for sharing with  us!