As members of Lincoln South Rotary, we always try to be welcoming and friendly to guests and visitors that come to our club meetings.  We have a wonderful organization comprised of a great group of people.
If you have someone who comes to the meeting with you, feel free to give them one of our new club brochures. 
  • It tells them briefly how Rotarians are people of action.
  • It gives them a listing of some of our major projects that we have recently undertaken.
  • It lists what we do as ongoing projects.
  • It tells them how to get involved with our wonderful club.
If you have someone that you would like to invite to one of our meetings, feel free to take a brochure with you to give to that person.  You will find some copies on the registration desk each week.
Click here for the About Our Club page where you will find the brochure.
Suzanne Tyrrell
Membership Chair 2022-2023