Location - Cornhusker Room, one of the Private Dining Rooms of The Venue.
The private dining rooms are located around to the north and east of The Venue restaurant. There are separate entrances - you cannot enter through the restaurant.
Current Protocols:
(click here for a downloadable copy of the policy)
Lincoln South Rotary Club will be guided by the COVID risk dial published by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.  When the risk dial is in Red the Club will not meet in person.  In-person meetings will resume after the risk dial turns orange, yellow, or green for at least two consecutive Fridays.  Should the Risk Dial move back into the red again, meetings will be online only.
Lincoln South Rotary Club encourages everyone to get vaccinated.
Protocols for Meeting In-person:
  1. When meeting in-person and when the risk dial is in the orange or yellow, masks will be required except when eating or speaking from the podium.
  2. No person will attend if they are showing any signs of illness or symptoms related to COVID 19.
  3. Accommodations will be made so that speakers can be either in-person or online.
  4. For in-person meetings currently there is not the ability to make payment at the door, so attendees will be required to register and pay the meeting fee online at the Lincoln South Rotary website.  This should be accomplished by the Wednesday preceding Friday’s meeting.
  5. There is an in-person meeting fee of $17 for all people attending.  This is a meeting fee but does include lunch.  There is no charge for attending on Zoom.
  6. At this time badges will not be worn for in-person meetings.
$17 - Current Meeting Cost for all attending in-person any or all of the meeting
- - whether or not you wish to eat lunch
- - even if you only wish to make an announcement
To attend in person, reserve by Wednesday Noon before the Friday meeting.
Anyone attending in person must pay the meeting cost.
To make a reservation and pay, click here
Select the $17 amount (or other amount for multiple reservations).
Select the Donate button. 
(This is not a donation – but this process is how we take online payments through our website.)  
Complete the payment information.
All directed health measures that apply to restaurants will apply.
12:15 PM is when we ring the bell to start the meeting
12:35 PM (or earlier) is when the speaker starts
1:00 PM the meeting ends;