Lincoln South Rotary Club

Rotary International Foundation Drive

Annually Lincoln South Rotary Club conducts a campaign to support The Rotary International Foundation. In 2006 this campaign was named in honor of the late Dr. George J. Lytton. Dr. Lytton was a member of Rotary for more than 20 years, primarily at the Lincoln SouthRotary Club. George's passion was supporting The Rotary Foundation's polio eradication program.


George initiated a simple, but effective, fund-raising campaign that "challenges" members to make a small commitment - for a potentially large reward. Each $100 contribution allows members one chance in a drawing for an immediate Paul Harris Fellowship - valued at $1000. Although we no longer have the benefit of George's generous contributions, Lincoln South Rotary Club continues to provide the funding for this campaign.


As a result of Dr. Lytton's inspiration and financial support, The Lincoln South Rotary Club has awarded more than 60 Paul Harris Fellowships during the years he was a member; currently boasts nearly 100% Sustaining Membership in The Rotary Foundation; and has over 97% of current members as Paul Harris Fellows. The Lincoln South Rotary Club annually contributes an average of nearly $200 per member to The Rotary Foundation.


In 2003 Dr. George Lytton was honored with the Cadwallader Award, the highest award bestowed by Rotary District 5650. Dr. Lytton passed away November 25, 2004 at the age of 89. As a lasting tribute, the funeral memorial proceeds were used to confer a Paul Harris Fellowship for his wife, Vivian.