District Grants

District Grants are funded by The Rotary Foundation using SHARE funds.  Some of the funds that are contributed to The Rotary Foundation  are returned to the District.  The District manages these funds.  Clubs in our District have an opportunity to apply for District Grants for local projects.

Click Here for a complete listing of the District Grants of Lincoln South Rotary Club with photos.

The Rotary Foundation Global / Matching Grants

Matching Grants are available to Rotary Clubs.  With Matching Grants, a club presents a proposal for a project through the District.  Upon approval, the District forwards the proposal to The Rotary Foundation.  The Rotary Club pledges funds for the project, the District matches the funds, and The Rotary Foundation matches all funds. 

Lincoln South Rotary has participated in one Matching Grant:   

2010-2011 – Saguramo Orphanage - The Republic of Georgia - providing equipment, materials and tutors to expand English Language Classes

$2,000 contributed by Lincoln South Rotary and its Members

$13,500 total grant after District and The Rotary Foundation matching