Bob Vrana told us about his many connections to Lincoln South Rotary members.
During Bob's first career - TV News Reporter out of Grand Island - he met, worked with and interviewed a number of current members of Lincoln South Rotary club - Don Rabbe, Dick Wampler and Don Anderson.
With his PR background he then went into the Health Care business as an executive in a medical surgical hospital and then a psychiatric hospital (where he mused about the difficulty of PR work in that field).
All along he was in the military - one of his jobs was to intercept Vietnamese coded messages. He went to school on the GI bill. When he was ready to make his last move, he ended up working full time in a PR position with the Guard.
He always felt a need to help people and he had done this through his Fraternity and his Church. Rotary was a natural extension of that.
He is married to DeEtta who is also a member of Lincoln South Rotary Club. He has a daughter in Omaha and a step-daughter and step-son. Bob and Dettta enjoy their numerous grandchildren.
He is an aspiring guitarist. He spends a little time each day playing rock songs.