Thank you to the Lincoln Journal Star for sharing out story of support to the Heroes Into Homes project. 
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The committee estimated a total value of $1,400 in donated goods, funds from Members and the club donation of $500.
As announced November 20, 2020:
The Lincoln South Rotary Club Board approved a payment of $500 to support the Heroes into Homes project. Later we will also implement a program to collect donated items from Club Members, Friends and Neighbors.
The information about Dave's email letter to Club Members about all proposed projects is outlined in a website story. Click here for the article
In that letter Dave expressed concern over our budget and the loss of revenue because we are not able to do our regular club fundraisers. He requested members help by donating specifically for these projects. Click here for the article
From additional club website and newsletter articles:
In November Lincoln South Rotary Club Board announced our service project Heroes Into Homes. We stated that we would provide financial support from the club of $500 but also collect donated goods from members.
Heroes Into Homes is a non-profit charitable organization focused on lifting our military veterans to a new level.  We provide direction, purpose, basic needs and resources to further their future and improve their quality of life.
Our donations will provide items for homeless veterans as they are placed into homes.
We will announce details of how to donate the items later - by drop off or by having someone pick up from you. But, for now, if you want to start gathering, here are the requested items:
Queen blankets ( no electric, please)
Queen comforters/bedspread 
Coffee pots, filters, and coffee
Crock pots
Mixing bowl sets
Pot and pan sets
Bakeware... cookie sheet, cake pan, etc.
Casserole type baking dishes
Swiffer mops starter sets
Lamps with shades
Hand towels
Kitchen tea towels
Toilet brush/plunger set
Plastic hangers
Paper towels
Toilet paper
All purpose cleaning product
NOTE: We have plenty of silverware and regular dishes, cups, and glasses, pillows, sheets. 
Canned meat products (spam type luncheon loaf, tuna, chicken, Vienna sausages)
Sloppy Joe mix in a can
Canned fruits (mixed, peaches, pears, etc.)
Canned pastas (ravioli, lasagna, etc.)
Pasta sauces (we have pasta but no sauce)