Thank you to Joe Roberts for sharing a little about his life with us. Joe is married to Sheryl Roberts, they have 2 children and 4 grandchildren that keep them very busy.
Joe has been in Rotary for 24 years - always in Lincoln South Rotary Club. He was recruited by a co-worker and mentor.
In his profession, Joe is an Insurance and Investment Broker, focusing on Employer plans.
For hobbies he enjoys walking, riding bikes and attending sporting events of the grandchildren.
A little known fact about Joe is that, on his 9th birthday, their home was destroyed by fire. He shared a story of how he received a set of toy farm implements for his birthday, he lined them all up along the window when he went to school, and when he came home found that they were all lost in the fire. Of course the loss of their home was huge but he was fortunate that a relative replaced his birthday toys.