Our presentation at Lincoln South Rotary Club on July 23, 2021 will be from Jeff Yost, President and COO of Nebraska Community Foundation. His topic is titled "NCF: Dreaming Big Dreams for Nebraska Hometowns".
Topic: Lincoln South Rotary Club Meeting 2021_0723
Time: Jul 23, 2021 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 845 0599 5420


Jeff Yost, President and CEO of Nebraska Community Foundation, and his talented team are unleashing abundant local assets, inspiring charitable giving, and connecting ambitious people in 260 hometowns in 82 of Nebraska’s 93 counties. Yost has dedicated the past 22 years his career to NCF’s mission and asset-based philosophies. Prior to NCF, he worked for the State of Nebraska in the governor’s office.

Yost and NCF have been featured in numerous publications including Nonprofit Quarterly, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The New York Times, and Omaha World-Herald. He pens a monthly column that is published in newspapers across the state. Yost is regularly invited to speak about Nebraska’s most inspiring and aspirational rural places and the growing grassroots network of 1,500 passionate volunteers that are working to make Greater Nebraska hometowns the greatest places on earth. NCF and its affiliated funds have now reinvested over $350 million in Nebraska hometowns. Yost is a native of Red Cloud, Nebraska and proud father of three.